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Concrete Used By Phoenix Home Services

Finished concrete patioConcrete Used By Phoenix Home Services to build our patio projects. The design mix of the concrete that will be poured to make your patio or walkway base is very important. Some contractors like to use metal reinforcement with a gravel base. Since we are going to give you the best warranty in the Northern Virginia area, we like to use a 4000 psi, air entrained fiberglass reinforced concrete, with a base, with gravel only used to level deep spots.




What Is Concrete

What Is Concrete? Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, concrete sand, water and gravel. With these four ingredients mixed in the proper ratios will create the building material we all know as concrete. Concrete does not dry out, but it is a chemical reaction called hydration. Concrete has been essential to building since the 1800’s. Many of the worlds greatest buildings are built on concrete foundations.

PSI Strength Of Concrete

Concrete strength is rated in PSI. PSI is a measurement of when concrete that fully hydrated at 28 days will crack. A design mix of 3000 PSI at 28 days will withstand a pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch before it cracks. Phoenix Home Services goes beyond the industry standard by utilizing 4000 PSI design mix in our concrete projects.

Concrete Projects For Northern Virginia

Phoenix Home Services utilizes concrete for many of our projects in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. These projects include concrete basketball courts, concrete walkways, underpinning projects, and foundations for many screen room projects.